FAQ for the members and the backers

Here you will find the answers to the most common questions.

How to Register?

Para registrarse, es necesario pulsar aquí. ¡Esto le tomará no más que dos minutos!

¿Puede una juntura con su cuenta Facebook? Sí, es necesario pulsar para unir encima a la izquierda y el chasquido el logo Facebook. Una vez unido(conectado), usted automáticamente será identificado sobre Indiestep.

Why to register?

The registration allows of:

– Launch a project on Indiestep
– Contribute to the financing of a project and follow it
– Poster of the comments on pages projects and articles
– browse and publish announcements
– Ask questions and answer on the Indiestep Forum
– Participate in Vents(Blowholes) Indiestep
– Receive our newsletter

How to launch my project Indiestep?

We accept any project implying of the video: full-length films, short films, documentaries, Web – documentaries, cartoon movies, video games, web fiction, project of experimental broadcast(emission,issue), etc. …
To be validated, the projects have to be in accordance with the law avoiding in particular the words with racist, pornographic, violent, offensive, slanderous character, etc. You have to guarantee that your project does not reproduce without authorization a work protected by the intellectual property.

What do I need to launch my project?

You have to inform all the information necessary for the constitution of your page project:

– The title of your project
– The desired amount
– The duration of the collection (90 days max)
– The pitch
– The description / argument of the project
– At least 5 rewards
– A picture
– A video of presentation
– Your banking information

Who can be a backer ?

Every legal or physical entity having a bank card or a paypal account can support a project on Indistep. He can involve friends, close relations, friends of friends or a wider public attracted by themes which mean a lot to him(her) or attractive rewards. Beyond a simple financial support, the contributor supports a creation that he wants to see existing.

How can I promote my project?

On every page project, you have tools of promotion to inform your circle of acquaintances of the existence of the movie which you support. These tools are grouped to the right of the project page. You can share it so directly on Facebook, tweet, LinkedIn, Google + etc.

May I write to a project creator?

Yes, the space comment in page project serves as place of exchange between the creator of the project and the community. After the campaign, the creator of the project will contact you by e-mail for the delivery of the rewards.

Can I launch more than one fundraising campaign at the same time on Indiestep?

Yes, but we recommend you to concentrate your efforts on a single project at the same time not to request too much your community.

Can Indiestep remove a project of the site?

A project can be removed from the site by our teams if it does not respect if they are not in accordance with the law avoiding in particular the words with racist, pornographic, violent, offensive, slanderous character, etc.

Can the projects raise more funds than planned?

Yes, the objective of your campaign where you fixed can be exceeded. There is no limit in the maximal sum which can be collected.

May I accumulate a collect on Indiestep with other sources of funding?

Yes, it is moreover the case for the most part of the projects.

My page does project remain visible once the successful / fail project?

Yes, but you can make a request of deletion of your page in case of failed project by making a demand for our support.

What is crowdfunding?

Fundraising campaign or crowdfunding was developed in the 2000s in particular thanks to the development of the social networks. This new type of collaborative economy consists in mobilizing a community around a project.

Indistep so allows you to involve your network during your fundraising and the broadcasting of your movie.

The advantage is that it allows to realize projects which would not have been able to be born by the traditional circuits, to test them with the public, to adapt them and to create a community while participating in the real human adventure.

Is it possible to relaunch a campaign after a first attempt?

Yes, you can make a new campaign on the same project. However, you will have to create a new page project and see again the points which were able to block you. You cannot get back your former contributions.