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ask your questions or consult the Indiestep forum.


As it is not enough to reach your financing goal to realize your movie in the best conditions.

Indiestep offers you the possibility of making your movie produced by a partner production company.


Establish your team thanks to announcements.
Participate in our meetings, events and workshops.

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Having your project on Indiestep is good, but it will not be enough to make it finance. Be active in its promotion. Your project, it is YOU.

Be visual

A successful project is a well presented project. Use big images, beautiful videos, a clear and well-kept presentation. A pleasantly presented project is more easily shared on social network.

Find your future collaborators and partners

Meet passionated and involved people thanx to our job listing system and using our forum.

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Give news to your backers on your campaign page.

Campains never ends for specific donation

If you are an independent theatre trying to hold up or caritative program dedicated to cinema, please inform us to active this option.

Collect your raised finance from 60 % of your fixed objective

Because we know that indie films are financed by multiples sources at time.

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